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Hey There!

Did you know that iTechGear has a weekly podcast?  The iTechGear Weekly is published every Monday Morning (recorded on Sunday evenings) and covers tech news and items of interest from Apple, Windows, and the Mobile/ Linux worlds.  We also have a Pick of the Week – brought to you by one of our truly awesome hosts – every week to help you resolve tech issues or make your mobile and tech lives all the easier!

We currently publish the show via Apple Podcasts and it can be found here.  If you’re listening from an iPhone, or other iDevice, simply open Apple Podcasts and search for iTechGear Weekly.  To listen on Windows, open iTunes for Windows and search for iTechGear Weekly.

Apple Podcasts app is not available on Android devices. However, many other podcast apps are available on Android, such as Google Podcasts, Podcast Addict, RadioPublic, Pocket Casts, etc. Some of these apps offer a wide variety of podcasts, including those available on Apple Podcasts. Alternatively, you can download podcast episodes on your computer and transfer them to your Android device.

We are also working on a permanent RSS feed and hope to have that setup and functioning so you can use apps like Spotify or any of your other podcast catchers on your platform of choice.  Stay tuned for that!

Check out Episode 66!

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