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Unboxing the Pad & Quill Heritage Attache Case

Pad and Quill make some of the best leather bags and cases that can be found.  This is the unboxing of the Heritage Leather Attache Case.  This bag was originally offered on a Kickstarter/Indiegogo campaign, and it is OUTSTANDING! It is easy to travel with and comfortable to carry. Its sturdy leather construction makes it attractive and protective at the same time.

As I said, the bag… EXEMPLARY!  This thing is SO well made. The leather is tough and waterproofed.  It will withstand both the slings and arrows of outrageous use as well as water and other potential attackers.  It carries what you need, where you need it and offers options to stow and protect all of your required accessories.  You’ve got quite the pair if you also purchased the added Techfolio Compact Leather Cord Organizer (now renamed to Classic TechFolio Leather Cord Organizer).

When I made a trip to Houston to visit my mother in early October 2023, this bag fit in the aisle seat space under the chair in front of me without an issue, and it was easy for me – a handicapped person – to get in and out of in those very tight and very cramped spaces.

When it comes to straps, the only concern I have is how the bag’s metal clips will wear against its D-rings.  If there’s a lot of movement, then either the clips or the D-ring will eventually wear and snap.  This is something to be cognizant of, as the bag is expensive, and having something like that happen will require some level of repair and warranty work.

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