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iTechGear is the brainchild of one of the biggest technology junkies on the internet.  It has one mission –

To make the adoption of technology easy for the everyday user.

Did you know that most of the computer users today are using an operating system that’s likely more than 10 years old?  As of June 2016, many home computers were still running Windows XP, an operating system that was more than 15 years old, DESPITE Microsoft’s push to upgrade the entire Windows World to Windows 10.  Did you know that most of them are using their particular operating system because that’s the OS that came with their computer?  With the release of Windows 10 and now Windows 11, more and more users are being ushered into a more modern operating system.  At least Apple continuously pushes their users to the next version of macOS every year and has regular security and bug fixes throughout the year.

Did you ALSO know that most of those users are afraid to update or upgrade their operating system because they don’t want to break what (seems) to be working just fine?

Many computer users want to do just a few simple things –

  1. Send and receive e-mail and/ or instant messages
  2. Surf the internet
    1. Google, Bing, etc. for information searches
  3. Build and share an online photo collection (Flikr, Facebook, Google Photos, etc.)

That’s really about it.  Anything more is gravy…

There’s so much more that technology can do, and so many different ways to get there.  It’s not difficult. It’s not scary (really… it isn’t!). We can figure it out…together, and we’re gonna have a blast doing it.

So, thanks for stopping by.  I really do appreciate it.


Editorial Staff

iTechGear is staffed by experienced, published technology journalists, contributors, and industry influencers.  Every member of iTechGear’s author and editorial staff has been published in print (newspapers and periodicals), online enthusiast sites or has had a direct influence on Big-Tech technology companies (Microsoft, Apple, Google, etc.) and comes with a unique perspective and take on technologies that are currently shaping our collective futures.

We don’t cut corners here. We take tech seriously and provide, knowledgeable, qualified, and researched opinions that cut to the heart of the matter.  This isn’t our first rodeo, and certainly won’t be our last.  We love what we do, and we enjoy helping people find their way, and to enjoy their tech toys.

Staff Member


Chris Spera – Editor in Chief Chris currently works for a prominent health insurance company.  He is the Editor in Chief of iTechGear and the Facilitative Host of iTechGear’s podcast, The iTechGear Weekly.  More information on Chris’ extensive publication and writing history can be found, here.
Chris Gavula – Editor As part of a long, strange journey, Chris has been involved in IT since the age of 14 when he got his first job as a COBOL programmer.  Since then he has been in many IT roles running up to today where he still works as a Sr. Unified Communications Engineer.

Over the years, Chris has written for a number of online publications providing news, reviews, and general industry commentary.

He is a fan of tech toys and has a collection of devices that were often cool and clever yet somehow didn’t quite succeed.  His hobbies are history, learning about other languages, weird trivia, and his cats, Lillu and Randall.

Larry McJunkin – Senior Contributor Larry McJunkin left the corporate world in 1995 to join two guys in a technology startup (WUGNET Publications), doing contract work for Microsoft and CompuServe/AOL. After 15 years of owning a small business, he retired. He still stays very active in all aspects of technology. He’s been an Apple fanboy since 2005, worked with Windows since its beginning, and his love of technology started with a VIC 20 computer in 1980.

Larry does a lot of volunteer work and he currently presides over one of the nation’s largest computer clubs, with over 1500 members. He’s a system administrator for two nonprofit organizations, keeping their equipment and Google Workspace environments running. In what’s left of his spare time, Larry is an avid foodie and technology, news nerd. But most of his time is spent with his Apple toys and one Windows machine (the latter is primarily to remind him why he became an Apple fanboy).

Joel McLaughlin – Senior Contributor Joel has been writing reviews and other articles since 2007 for various blogs and podcasts. Current co-host of ITechGear Weekly Podcast, host of Living in the Shade of an 80s Arcade, and co-host of the Linux Link Tech Show. Joel is a Senior System Administrator and an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. Hobbies include photography and videography, creating videos, ham radio, 3D printing, and anything tech-related.

Editorial Policy

It is the policy of iTechGear.org to post objective and unbiased reviews of mobile technology, devices, and software.  As such, we do not accept monetary compensation for posting reviews from the developer, manufacturer, or public relations company representing the item to be reviewed.

When appropriate, however, we may accept review items for the purpose of facilitating testing.  These items may be loaned (in which case the company provides return shipping) or given permanently.  In such cases, an appropriate indication will be made in the body of the review.

iTechGear.org does allow advertising on the site.  Typically advertisements appear in the form of graphics, and are always clearly marked as advertising.  at times, we may review items manufactured or developed by our advertisers.  In these cases, it is clearly communicated to the company that all reviews are conducted on an objective and unbiased basis, regardless of the company’s status as an advertiser.  A note will accompany any such reviews, indicating that the company who developed or manufactured the review item is an iTechGear advertiser.

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