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About Chris

By day, a “mild mannered reporter…” Chris is a 25+ year IT veteran with a BA in English and Writing from Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches (Nac-cog-dough-chess), TX. He has 25 years experience in Software Development as a Quality Assurance Manager/Director and is a Process Engineering/Reengineering expert. He has been responsible for complete Quality System Implementations (ISO 9001:1994/2000), certifications and auditing; and has been a Certified Lead Assessor.

Chris is a firm believer in the right level of process for the right circumstance.  He is an SDLC and Methodology implementations guru, having implemented full life cycle methodologies for startups and young companies, established small to medium size organizations as well as large, national companies.

By night, a professional writer/communicator & technology advocate… Chris is a father of 3 and a professional husband. When not running around coaching basketball or soccer games with and for his children, he enjoys movies, football (the Pittsburgh Steelers!), bowling, golf and cooking.

Chris enjoys gadgets and gizmos of all types, shapes sizes and kinds.  He enjoys being on the bleeding edge of technology so he can find out what makes it tick so it can be explained and implemented and used by just about anyone, regardless of their profession, background, training or comfort with technology or new things.

To that end, he has written for a number of print and online publications.  His credits include the following:


  •     Daily Shareware Reviews for Mac and Windows
  •     Bi-Weekly Computing Column
  •     Author Page
4/11 – 2/18.
  •     Managing Editor & Technologist
  •     Hardware & Software Reviews
  •     On-demand Column & Commentary
  •     Author Page
4/11 – 4/13
The Aurora Beacon, Sun-Times Media, Inc.
  •     Weekly Local Computing Column
10/09 – 1/10
Just Another Mobile Monday
  •     Hardware and Shareware and Commercial Demo Software Reviews
9/09 – 4/11
Gear Diary 9/06 – 9/09
  •     Pocket PC Software and hardware reviews. Apples & Oranges Weekly Column. Examination of real world PDA problems and their solutions.
6/00 – 9/06
TUCOWS Publications
  •     Shareware and Commercial Demo Software, and Retail Hardware Reviews for WinCELair
12/98 – 5/99
WUGNET Publications, Inc.
  •     Shareware and Commercial Demo Software Reviews for WUGNET (Windows User’s Group Network).
7/97 – 7/01
  •     Y2K Advisor Bi-Weekly Column.  The Adventures of Y2K Boy.  Y2K Advice & Humor.
5/99 – 2/00
  12/01 – 9/08
CMP Media, Inc.
  •     Shareware and Commercial Demo Software Reviews for File Mine (www.filemine.com)
4/97 – 8/01
Informant Communications Group
  •     Paradox Informant Magazine: Case Study: “Quality System Administration” Vol. 6, No. 12. Pg. 54-55

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