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Unboxing – Gadget Discovery Club Monthly Subscription Box – 2nd Shippment

This is the second unboxing of my subscription to the Gadget Discovery Club Monthly Subscription Box. This month, I got the Rise Shield Carbon Fiber Wallet.

I’m not happy; but I’m not completely disappointed, either.  This one clearly and most definitely falls in the “Meh” category.  

The wallet ships without any documentation or marketing collateral in the box, and only has some minor printing on the back of the box to help you understand what the device does and doesn’t do.  To use it, you slide cards in the back edge of the wallet. You can stack up to 10 cards in it.  The box doesn’t tell you the limit to the number of bills the money clip on the back of the wallet can hold.

It’s made of carbon fiber and stainless steel. It’s held together with torque screws.  The carbon fiber is held to two RFID plates with those torque screws I mentioned and the whole thing is held together with a trio of black, elastic bands.  While I’m certain it does a decent job, this month’s “gadget” is a complete snoozer.  There’s little to nothing exciting about it.

I’m going to let this go for another month; and we’ll see if next months offering provides something better. If not, we’re done with Gadget Discovery Club.

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