Unboxing – Gadget Discovery Club Monthly Subscription Box


This is the unboxing of the Gadget Discovery Club Monthly Subscription Box.  With Gadget Discovery Club, you get 1 new gadget, mailed to you every month, from top manufacturers like

GDC buys “directly from brands & manufacturers, skipping out the middleman, to pass on savings to you. Every gadget has a minimum 1 year warranty & a 30 day return.” The fun thing about GDC is that you have no idea what they are going to send you next.  None. Its a total and complete surprise.  That’s good and bad, as surprise gadgets are always fun. However, it can be disappointing if you get something that you’re not happy with or you have no real use for.  This is what happened to be with the Rise miniBoom wireless speaker that I got.  I have no real use for it. It would have been much nicer if it was a smart speaker that worked with Google’s, “Hey Google!” digital assistant.  I also wouldn’t have been upset with a HomePod (that worked with Siri); but that ain’t gonna happen… I don’t think that Apple is part of the “club;” and I also don’t think that GDC is going to provide that expensive of a device for the monthly $32 bucks per month.

As far as the Rise miniBoom Speaker is concerned, the device itself is nice.  It can pair with your smartphone and will sync with a second speaker to provide stereo sound.  Per the pairing instructions included with the speaker, you have to connect two speakers together PRIOR to connecting them to your phone. Since your phone remembers that relationship, if you want to have stereo sound post your initial pairing, you will likely need to turn the Bluetooth radio on your smartphone off, BEFORE you turn the speakers on.  

I have the speaker charging as of this writing. If I find anything notable, I’ll update the article.

Please look for other unboxings in the GDC series here on iTechGear.org. I’ll have them as the boxes arrive.

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