Unboxing the Google Pixel 6 Pro

I love mobile devices, and especially smartphones.  However, my daily driver is the iPhone 12 Pro Max and I’m likely going to upgrade that to a 14 Pro Max, but only IF there’s a huge and compelling reason over the 12 Pro Max, as its in perfect shape AND is paid for.

So… what may you ask am I doing over in Android Land – again – with a Google Pixel 6 Pro?  That’s an AWESOME question, especially since I’m sitting on a Microsoft Surface Duo AND a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G.  Well, that’s really very simple… IF you’re an uber-geek that has a technology website.

The Surface Duo is for reviewing Android 12L and the like with MULTIPLE screens.  The Galaxy Z Flip 3 is for reviewing Android with FOLDABLE screens, and the Google Pixel 6 Pro is for reviewing the Pure Android Experience directly from Google.

What’s really cool here is that not only did I get a Google Pixel 6 Pro, but Larry McJunkin got a Google Pixel 6 Pro (he had it for a little over a week before he returned it, but that’s the subject of another story), and Joel McLaughlin got a Google Pixel 6 Pro.

Stay tuned to iTechGear for a three-way review of the device!

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