Unboxing the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

Samsung’s new Galaxy Z line of devices was recently announced at their Galaxy Unpacked event. Samsung announced both the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Galaxy Z Flip 3.  The Galaxy Z Flip 3 is similar to the Flip and Flip 5G, but with some very specific differences. Specifically, the Flip 3 has IPX8 ingress protection.

This is a huge upgrade over the two Galaxy Z Flip devices Samsung released in 2020.  Those devices did not have ANY ingress protection. Please note, however, that the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is only IPX8 rated and not IP68 rated. This means while it is water-resistant, it is NOT dust-resistant.  It is still susceptible to dust particle accumulation. Keep this in mind in case you are exposed to dusty environments on a frequent basis.

The primary display on the device is nearly identical to the original Galaxy Flip devices of 2020.  The most noticeable change, however, is its higher refresh rate. The Galaxy Z Flip 3’s primary display supports 120Hz as opposed to the 60Hz panel on the outgoing models.

The device’s biggest upgrade, however, comes to its external display.  The external display on the Flip 3 is 1.9 inches and is now four times bigger than the devices from last year. The new external display now allows you to scroll through notifications, use it as a step counter, and even control music playback without having to open the device to its main display.

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 running Android 11 and should run Android 12 when it’s released in October of 2021.

If you’re wondering if this is the device for you or if you should upgrade from the Flip or Flip 5G, then your mileage may vary.  That decision is a personal one and only one that you can answer. However, to be honest, there aren’t too many differences from last year’s devices. The external screen is a huge upgrade, but unless you’re all about the foldable screen and simply don’t want to exercise it too much, spending $499 to $799 (after device trade in) on a new device is a lot to hang on a 1.9 external screen, despite its new functionality.

The device is cool, without a doubt. I’ll have more on the Fold 3, as well as foldable vs. dual-screen devices in the coming weeks.  Stay close to iTechGear.org, as some cool things are coming to the site!


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