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Unboxing the Microsoft Surface Duo

Microsoft Surface Duo is their new, dual-screened Android 10 device. Microsoft recently began drastically dropping the price of the device, which originally debuted at $1300 to $1500.  Microsoft has drastically reduced the price of the device by as much as 75%, depending on where you buy.  The device offers a unique form factor, dual screens with apps that can travel back and forth between the two screens via drag and drop as well as tight Windows 10/ Windows 11 integration.

The Duo is one of the most innovative mobile devices to bear the Microsoft brand.  The OS handles the dual screens very well. The form factor allows you to use it as a book, as a clamshell, laptop-like device, or a as single screened, candy bar style device. In fact, the Duo will turn off one screen if it’s opened with both screens facing out. One works, one turns off.  This is most likely how you’ll use it to make and take phone calls.

If you haven’t used the device to read a Kindle book, then you’re truly missing out. The device can use the Amazon Kindle app over both screens and will allow you to flip pages like a real book. Its truly a surprising and amazing experience.

I will be looking at this device and pulling together an analysis between dual-screened vs. folding screen devices. Stay tuned to iTechGear.org for more information!


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