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Verizon to Rename Yahoo, Altaba after Purchase

January 11, 2017 Leave a comment

It also looks as though Marissa Mayer is out of a job…


ap_marissa-mayer_ap-photo1-640x396Verizon announced yesterday that it still intends to acquire Yahoo for its aforementioned $4.8B purchase plans. This is surprising to many, me included, as Yahoo revealed that it had a security breach where over 1.0B user accounts had been exposed. This large breach occurred six to twelve months prior to the attack in 2014 where 500M user accounts were compromised. This deal came about after CEO Marissa Mayer failed to turn the company around after her arrival in early to mid-2012.

It also looks as though she’s completely given up. According to Paul Sweeney, an analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence, “…it looks like [Mayer’s] plan is to complete the sale of the operating company to Yahoo and let the lawyers and tax accountants figure out the best option for the stakes in Alibaba and Yahoo Japan.” She is also out as a director, as she as well as six other key board members, including Yahoo cofounder David Filo and former board chairman Maynard Webb, will be stepping down. Webb was named Chairman emeritus.

Despite the additional, larger breach, Verizon still appears to be interested in the 23 year old company. After the sale of the company, Yahoo will change its name to Altaba – a combination of the words, "alternate" and "Alibaba," according to someone familiar with the matter. (A friend of mine said "Altaba" sounds like the name for a male enhancement medication…)  Yahoo owns stakes in both Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. And Yahoo Japan, where, according to analysts, is where the core of the sale’s value for Verizon lies. Verizon isn’t expected to gain a lot of value from its direct purchase of Yahoo.

Interestingly enough, according to the Wall Street Journal, Mayer is expected to stay with Yahoo after the sale to Verizon, though her exact role has yet to be announced.


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Yahoo Hacked – 1.0B Accounts Exposed

January 4, 2017 Leave a comment

Dude… The Fat Lady is SO singing over at Yahoo…


There are a few things that come to mind here:

  1. If I were Marissa Mayer, I would crawl under a rock and hide. Like… forever.
  2. If I were Verizon, I would run, not walk, so fast and so far away from the purchase of Yahoo, and I would NEVER look back (or second guess that decision)
  3. If I were a Yahoo user, I would set fire to my account and use the mail account that my ISP gave me. At this point a mail account can’t be seen as a bad thing…

To be honest, this is beyond pathetic.

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Lucid Audio Debuts AMPED Products

October 12, 2016 Leave a comment

I don’t often post press releases; BUT I’m making an exception here.  We used to do this back in the day at both and at Gear Diary, with the caveat that a review was coming and that we weren’t being paid to do so.

Both of those conditions are true in this case as well.

neckband-white-gray-angled-streamerLucid Audio has sent me a Neck Band to review and I hope to look at it this month as part of all of the iPhone 7/ 7 Plus release hullaballoo.

To be very honest though, I’m having a bit of trouble motivating myself to think positively about the neckband.  It looks hideous.

Its huge.

I looks like a big, thick, wide faceted necklace that hangs down, well past your collar bone. It also looks heavy, though that may just be look and in reality, it may not be heavy at all.

We’ll have to wait and see…

One point that the press release doesn’t do a good job at pointing out though, is that their Neckband and Audio Streamer Kit is available as a bundle for $199 USD.  This is the product that I will be reviewing later this month.

The full press release on all of the newly available Lucid Audio products is available after the break.


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Buy an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, Lose your Job

October 10, 2016 Leave a comment

Buying an iPhone 7 in certain countries is a shortcut to the unemployment office


I saw this on BGR and thought that it was totally outrageous. However, outrageous is totally from an American point of view – in China, if this report is accurate, this is a huge issue.

Patriotism in China runs deep with their citizens. Nearly everyone there loves their country and they have a huge sense of national pride; and this extends into the corporate world as well as with individual citizens.

So as I mentioned, BGR that some Chinese companies have issued warnings to their employees that purchasing an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus may result in termination of employment. While no specific individual has been singled out as of yet, some companies have issued formal written warnings against the purchase of Apple’s flagship smartphone.

For example, the BBC is reporting that Weibo, a Chinese micro-blogging site much like Twitter, has issued a stern warning to all of their employees: buy an iPhone and don’t bother coming to work.

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Another Day… Another Virus (Backdoor.MAC.Elanor)

July 12, 2016 Leave a comment

This one targets Mac systems. Heads up Apple users…!

As Macs and macOS become more and more mainstream, more and more virus and malware authors are going to be writing code that targets computers coming out of Cupertino. Case in point – a new piece of malware has been encountered in the wild, allowing attackers to hijack a Mac user’s machine.

backdoorThe new malware has been named Backdoor.MAC.Elanor by researchers at Bitdefender. The software installs a backdoor onto an infected Mac that provides full access to a Mac user’s data, and full control over their web cam. The malware has been traced to the installation of an app called Easy Doc

Easy Doc Converter is a fake file conversion app that is apparently available from reputable download sites across the internet. The app installs a component that provides remote, anonymous access of an infected system’s command and control center. Additional components allow attackers to view, edit, rename, delete, upload, download and archive/copy off files from infected systems. They also have elevated privileges that allow them to execute commands and scripts.

This particular bit of malware allows attackers to watch computer users at their workstations via the computer’s web cam. Attackers make use of an included tool called “wacaw” to capture stills and video from infected systems, according to Bitdefender.

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It was All a Marketing Stunt

April 20, 2016 Leave a comment

The Italian ISP that deleted all of its servers… yeah, apparently… not so much.

Late last week, the owner of a small web hosting company in Italy said he “accidentally” executed some bad maintenance code on his servers, and they deleted all his servers.

hoaxMarco Marsala headed to a support forum and posted a cry for help claiming he made a big mistake,

“I run a small hosting provider with more or less 1,535 customers and I use Ansible to automate some operations to be run on all servers,” Marsala wrote. “Last night I accidentally ran, on all servers, a Bash script with a rm -rf {foo}/{bar} with those variables undefined due to a bug in the code above this line.

“All servers got deleted and the offsite backups too because the remote storage was mounted just before by the same script (that is a backup maintenance script).”

He got some sympathetic replies. However, most of the forum users basically told him he was an idiot and that since (as he further explained) that all of his onsite and offsite backup drives were also mounted to his servers at the time of execution, all of the sites that he ran (again, approximately 1535) all got permanently and irrevocably deleted.

Apparently, the delete was so destructive, that many users didn’t think that even an experienced data recovery company would be able to retrieve his data.


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What’s in a Font?

September 4, 2015 Leave a comment

Google unveils new logo – Internets burn down (story at 11..?)


Normally I wouldn’t comment on a company’s logo change. I mean, it’s not normally news or anything of importance. Unless of course, that company is Google, and then just about every time that company burps, its important. And honestly, that’s about what this logo change from most recent to new looks like.

It’s a font change.

That’s all… just a font change…

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