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macOS Sonoma: Apple’s Pinnacle Desktop Experience

Experience the Elegance of macOS

Apple’s latest desktop operating system, macOS Sonoma, is barely a month old, and while I’ve been using it since day one, many of you still haven’t pulled the trigger yet. And given Apple’s recent track record of releasing software that hasn’t been thoroughly tested, I don’t blame you. Even the release version of Sonoma had a few bugs that required an early update, but now it seems very stable, so let’s look at some of its features and why you should upgrade.

I’ve been using a Mac for nearly 20 years, and each annual release of macOS has improved, with macOS Sonoma standing out as a testament to Apple’s innovation, user-centric design, and seamless functionality. As Apple enthusiasts, each fall, we eagerly embrace the latest advancements in the new version of macOS, and there are some very compelling reasons why macOS Sonoma has become the epitome of Apple’s desktop operating systems – and why you should consider upgrading to it now.

Elegance Meets Efficiency

One of the many reasons I switched to a Mac for my primary computer is the simple beauty of its operating system. macOS Sonoma is a visual masterpiece that marries elegance with efficiency. The user interface is a symphony of clean lines, subtle animations, and a cohesive design language that extends across the entire system. Apple has refined every pixel of macOS Sonoma to create a visually pleasing environment that enhances user experience and sets the gold standard for desktop aesthetics.

Power-packed Performance

You’ll be pleased if you’re the kind of user who values what’s under the hood more than the outer beauty. Underneath its exterior, macOS Sonoma boasts a robust architecture that ensures unparalleled performance, no matter what computing tasks you challenge it with. The operating system has been optimized to leverage the full potential of Apple’s cutting-edge hardware, resulting in faster load times, smoother multitasking, and an overall responsive computing experience. Whether you are a creative professional working on resource-intensive tasks or a casual user navigating everyday applications, Sonoma’s performance enhancements will undoubtedly elevate your computing experience.

Seamless Ecosystem Integration

Apple’s ecosystem (often called its Walled Garden) is one of its greatest strengths, and macOS Sonoma takes full advantage of this interconnected web of devices and operating systems. With features like Universal Control, users can effortlessly control multiple Apple devices with a single mouse and keyboard, opening a whole new world of creative environments. This level of integration fosters a seamless workflow, allowing you to transition between your Mac, iPad, and iPhone easily. This synergy between devices is a feature and a lifestyle upgrade for those deeply immersed in the Apple ecosystem. My daily use cases don’t require Universal Control, but a couple of my colleagues here at iTechGear use this feature daily and rave about its functionality.


Privacy at its Core

At my age, I tend to care less about privacy than in my younger years, but we all should be mindful of it. Privacy has become a paramount concern in this digital age, and Apple has consistently, from its very beginning, championed user privacy and security. I’ll go so far as to say I think Apple has always done more to keep your privacy safe than any of the other technology giants. macOS Sonoma continues this tradition by introducing enhanced privacy features that give users more control over their data. From improved app permissions to on-device processing of Siri requests (keeping your Siri conversations out of the cloud), Sonoma prioritizes user privacy without compromising the user experience.

Cutting-edge Features

Apple has always been an innovator, and they’ve never been afraid of stepping their technological horse into the Rubicon. Have they ever released a failure…absolutely! The epitome of those failures was probably the Apple Pippin. But these days, don’t look for mistakes of such magnitude from the Cupertino giant today. macOS Sonoma introduces many cutting-edge features that redefine the desktop experience. The redesigned Control Center provides quick access to essential settings, while Live Text allows users to interact with text in images. These features, among others shown below, showcase Apple’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in a desktop operating system. By upgrading to Sonoma, you will gain access to these features and future-proof your computer for upcoming innovations.

Primary New Features in macOS Sonoma

Add Widgets to Your Desktop. You can place widgets on your desktop from the new widget gallery. And you can even play a podcast, turn off the lights, and more, right from a widget.

Video Conferencing. The most significant change here is the new Presenter Overlay feature, which keeps you front and center when sharing your screen. Instead of others in the conference only seeing your screen, they’ll see your screen and a small or more significant version of you. The effect captures the feel of a live presentation and helps better personalize the conferencing experience.

Safari Profiles. Apple has finally implemented a long-called-for feature – you can create profiles. You might create a profile called Work and one called Personal. Each profile will exist separately, which means bookmarks, history, extensions, tab groups, cookies, and favorites will not cross-pollinate. And you can easily switch between those profiles as you work, so you never have to worry about your work and personal browsing interacting.

Password Sharing. Another great feature many users will find helpful is creating a group and choosing a password (or set of passwords) to share. Each password will remain up-to-date for the group, so you don’t have to worry about informing others to update. With this feature, you could create a Family Group and share all necessary passwords with every group member.

New in Messages. The Message app now makes finding what you’re looking for much more accessible. With the ability to combine search filters, you’ll be able to narrow your search parameters more efficiently, which will significantly help those with a large number of messages to search. A new catch-up arrow lets you immediately jump to the first message you haven’t seen in a conversation. The app also allows you to swipe right on any message to reply.

Other New Features

  • View full-width PDFs directly from the Notes app. You can also link related notes together.
  • Start in Notes and finish in Pages by sending a message to Pages via the Share button.
  • A new stickers drawer makes collecting and accessing Live Stickers and Memoji easier from one convenient location.
  • More accurate autocorrect.
  • Game Mode automatically gives games the highest CPU and GPU priority for better performance and to reduce latency with wireless peripherals.
  • Communication Safety includes protection for sensitive videos and photos.
  • Sensitive Content Warning allows you to blur sensitive photos and videos before you view them.
  • Expanded Lockdown Mode helps protect against more sophisticated cyber attacks.
  • Higher Performance mode in Screen Sharing uses the advanced media engine in the Apple silicon chips to enable better performance over high-bandwidth connections.
  • Reminders automatically sort Grocery Lists into categories.
  • Moving between Apple devices with AirPods is now much faster.


In desktop operating systems, macOS Sonoma emerges as Apple’s best version of macOS ever, combining aesthetic finesse with unparalleled functionality. Its seamless integration within the Apple ecosystem, privacy-centric design, and cutting-edge features make it a compelling upgrade for Mac users across diverse use spectrums. Whether you are a creative professional, a business executive, or a casual user who only uses a computer for email and surfing the web, macOS Sonoma promises to redefine your computing experience and make it the best it can be. If you would like to wait a month or two before upgrading to the next big thing, I highly recommend you embrace the future of desktop computing and upgrade to macOS Sonoma now.

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