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iTechGear Weekly – Episode 5: It’s Not S Mode

This is episode 5 of the iTechGear Weekly – It’s Not S Mode.  In this episode, Larry, Joel, Chris G. and I spend time talking about

  • Windows Segment
    • All You Need to Know about the Surface Laptop SE (aside from the fact that it’s not available to consumers)
    • The Difference between Windows in S Mode and Windows 11 SE & Regular Windows
      • Windows 11 SE has an even more simplified user interface, to minimize distraction and keep the focus on education
      • There is no Microsoft Store for Windows 11 SE, so IT educators can control which apps and tools students download
      • Windows 11 SE has built-in enhancements to optimize performance on low-cost hardware
      • There is no way to upgrade or switch to Windows 11 from Windows 11 SE, whereas users could switch to the full version of Windows 10 from Windows 10 in S mode at any time.
      • Windows 10 in S mode was built simply to limit apps; the other enhancements were not yet developed
      • Windows 11 SE is optimized for institutional use, whereas Windows 10 in S mode was also available to consumers.
    • Snipping Tool and Other Utilities Problems – Joel and Larry
    • Microsoft Blocking 3rd Party Browsers from Changing the Default in Windows 11
    • Sometimes, Sleeping Pills Just Don’t Work (Larry)
    • An Easy Way to Choose Between the Surface Pro 8 and Surface Laptop 4
      • (Hint: If “you” think it looks and feels more like a tablet – it may not be the “laptop” you want.)
  • Apple Segment
  • Picks of the Week

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Show Notes Episode 5 – It’s Not S Mode

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