Review: Spire Edge 15 Computer Sleeve

When I bought my MacBook Pro back in 2006, I was all over needing a case for it. I tried regular notebook cases, and those didn’t work for me. I tried a backpack case, and that seemed to work ok, but I couldn’t help but feel that my baby was still a bit on the naked side.  When Judie offered me the opportunity to review the Spire Edge 15 Laptop sleeve, I jumped at the chance. The last thing I wanted was another ding on my MBP (see the last picture, after the break)

Front of the Spire Edge 15 Computer Sleeve

The sleeve is made of durable 1680D Ballistic nylon, and to an extent, it’s somewhat water resistant (though I wouldn’t go dunking it in a bathtub to test it. However, raindrops will initially run off of it without penetrating the sleeve, giving you a moment or two to get your laptop and the Sleeve in a full case or backpack before things really get damp. Complete specs for the sleeve can be found below:

  • Available in 3 sizes, perfect for Macs and widescreen PCs.
  • Exterior: tough 1680D Ballistic nylon
  • Interior: smooth, padded 210D nylon
  • Unique triangular flap for easy access
  • Available in all-black or gray/black

The front flap is held in place with Velcro.  The sleeve is nicely padded, providing your laptop with protection as well as a stylish look

Back of the Spire Edge 15 Computer Sleeve

The Best thing about this sleeve is that it fits in my backpack, in the laptop "spot" with the MBP inside. My baby gets extra protection from the elements, as well as any additional bumps and bruises along the way to the office.

Front of the Spire Edge 15 Computer Sleeve, with my MacBook Pro semi inserted (notice the ding I mentioned to the left of the Apple logo)

Since I started carrying my MBP in the Spire Edge 15, it hasn’t gotten any other dings or damage. This is an awesome, affordable accessory that is one of the biggest no-brainers I’ve every bumped into.  If you have an expensive laptop, or even one you really need to care for, then you owe it to yourself to give the Edge a try. The price is right, and you can’t beat the protection it provides.

Price: The Spire Edge is $20 USD, and can be purchased here.
What I liked: Sturdy, durable, (somewhat) water resistant
What needs Improvement: It might be nice if the Edge came in a couple different color or material choices; but its awesome as is.

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