Episode 52: You’re the Product

This is Episode 52 of the iTechGear Weekly: You’re the Product. We’re missing Chris this week,but he’ll be back next week.  This week we discuss Apple Maps vs. Google Maps, Google screwing up Pixel Fold orders, and the FTC withdrawing its In-house challenge to the MS Activision Deal, among other things.  Come join us for these and other fun topics!

Apple Segment

Arc Browser – Larry

Mobile/ Linux Segment

Car Infotainment Owners are Frustrated so GM is Taking Away the Most Popular Ones – Joel  Link 1, Link 2
Windows Segment

Pick of the Week Segment

I’d like to take just a moment to let our listeners know that our show picks are typically hardware, software, and other items of interest that we have individually purchased and actually use and like enough that we want to recommend them to you. They are not paid advertisements or items with which we have an affiliate marketing relationship. We sincerely believe in the picks we bring you at the end of each show.
Mountain Duck – $39/ Major Version, Per Seat Licensing

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