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Episode 43: It isn’t Even Breathing Hard

This is Episode 43 of the iTechGear Weekly, It isn’t even Breathing Hard. We’ve got a full crew and ready for this week’s episode! My voice has decided to drop into my shoes and I appear to have a bit of larengitis, so please excuse some of the warbles and cracks. This week we discuss a Quick Google I/O update, Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro coming to iPad, and the MS/Activision merger being approved by China and with conditions by the EU.  Come join us for this week’s episode!

Mobile/ Linux Segment

Quick Google I/O Recap and Discussion – Link 1, Link 2
Phone Link for iOS is Now Available to Everyone
Tik-Tok Banned in Montana, Creators file Suite

Apple Segment

Final Cut Pro & Logic Pro Coming for iPad
M3 Macs by the End of the Year? – More CPUs/GPUs than M2 Chips

Windows Segment

MS/Activision Merger Approved by China and with Conditions by EU
Twitter’s New CEO Announced – Linda Yaccarino
Windows 11 Moment 3 is Coming

Pick of the Week Segment

I’d like to take just a moment to let our listeners know that our show picks are typically hardware, software, and other items of interest that we have individually purchased and actually use and like enough that we want to recommend them to you. They are not paid advertisements or items with which we have an affiliate marketing relationship. We sincerely believe in the picks we bring you at the end of each show.

Grammarly – $12 mo/ $144 yr

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