Unboxing the New Midnight M2 MacBook Air

Throw out the old and busted and make way for Apple’s all-new, new hotness, the Midnight Blue, M2 MacBook Air!

This is NOT your father’s MacBook Air! This is the all-new, doesn’t make a sound, can handle just about anything you may EVER need in a true, laptop computer, sporting Apple’s latest and greatest entry into the ARM-based silicon market – The M2 Processor!

I do a quick comparison with a previous model and form-factor MBA and then take a break to set it up. Come see the new hotness and drool, baby! This one is AWESOME!



Stay tuned, kids. I’m going to take this one and put it through its paces as both a work and play machine – at least for me – and we’ll see what it can do!

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