Unboxing the 2021 16″ M1 Max MacBook Pro

This is a BEAST of a machine, and likely that last machine anyone whoever buys one will need for at LEAST seven to 10 years!  What a workhorse the Apple Silicone M1 Max is; and with 64GB of Unified Memory and 2TB of onboard SSD storage, not only am I unlikely to run out of RAM while working or creating, but I’m also unlikely to run out of hard drive space, either.

The device has an SD slot that when coupled with the BaseQi Ninja Stealth Drive for MacBook Pro, you can add up to an additional 1TB of onboard storage to your MBP.  Versions for the 2021 14″ and 16″ MacBook Pros are currently still in development as of this writing.

The device is MUCH thicker than the previous generation 2019 16″ MacBook Pro.  It’s also a bit heavier, too.

The screen though… Oh my lawd the screen!  What a beautiful thing it is!  Nearly bezel-less, it is glorious to look at.

I am going to be looking at this, and if time permits, I may have more on it on the site.  If you  have any questions, please shoot them over in the comments and I’ll be happy to comment on them!

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