Unboxing – Oura Ring Gen3

To say that I like gadgets is a bit of an understatement. I mean, who doesn’t love gadgets and goo-jams and techie things with push buttons and stuff?!  I’ve always been a gadget guy, ever since I was a little kid.  If it had buttons or some kind of tech focus, it was definitely for me.  It’s probably the biggest and best reason why iTechGear exists.

An interesting piece of backstory on me is that I used to be a fine, gold, and diamond jeweler when I was in college.  I specialized in creating custom jewelry creations via the lost wax method of casting and made many a Christmas present for loved one’s in three-9 fine (.999 pure) or Sterling silver, 10k, 14k, or 18k yellow or white gold, with both semi-precious and precious stones, including some very nice quarter to half carat sized diamonds, rubies, and sapphires. It was going to be my chosen profession until I found out that I’d be as poor as a church mouse doing it if I didn’t actually OWN my own jewelry shop (which, as a young 20-something-year-old, wasn’t going to happen) so… into Corporate America I went.  It’s what I hope to go back to if and when I retire… Until then, I’m a tech-junkie and software quality guru!

The jewelry experience is relative to today’s unboxing.  Today, I’m looking at the Oura Ring, Gen3.

The ordering experience is just that – an experience.  It’s really kinda cool and kinda nice.  When you go to the site to order – and the Oura Ring Gen3 is only available directly from Oura – they take you through a quick ordering process.

  1. Pick a Finish – You can pick from either Silver/Titanium, Gold finish, (glossy) Black, or Stealth (a matte-black, satin finish).
  2. Receive your Free Sizing Kit – You aren’t asked for a ring size during the purchase process, as most people do not know their actual ring size.  Your ring can’t, and won’t, ship until you tell Oura what size ring you need.  So, the first thing you receive from Oura is your free sizing kit.    

    Oura ring supports whole sizes only.  Half and quarter sizes are not available, and you can choose rings in sizes from 6 to 13.  Please note that the ring’s three-sensor bumps are fully visible in the size 9 ring sizer in the photo above.  Having the sensor bumps in each of the ring sizers gives you the ability to feel exactly how the real ring will feel on your hand.  Picking the right ring size is important in order for the ring to function correctly. It should be snug against the palm side of your chosen finger, but not too tight.  This ensures accurate sensor readings but allows you to remove it as needed, to recharge, give your finger a rest, or whatever.

  3. Pick a Finger and Determine Your Ring Size – Pick a finger to wear your ring on.  Oura recommends wearing the Ring on your index finger.  However, I really don’t know many people who actively wear rings on their index fingers (though I used to when I was actively making jewelry).  Oura will work from ANY finger you choose, provided the Ring’s sensors make good contact with your skin.  Using the sizing kit, try on sizers until the sizing ring fits snugly over your second knuckle, but passes past it without you having to exert any real effort to put it on or take it off.  Depending on weather and humidity, your fingers may swell or thin out.  Too tight, and you won’t be able to get the device on or off when you want to.  Too loose, and it won’t work correctly when you wear it.

  4. Go Back to your Oura Account and Record your Ring Size – One of the many emails you get when you initially order your ring will be an Oura Login Request email.  This email will have a Login button that gets you to your Orders and Membership page at ouraring.com.  

    Clicking this button will allow you to go back to your order and record your ring size.

    Under the picture of your Ring, you should see a drop-down starting with the number, “6.”  Click the drop-down and select your ring size.  When you’re done, click the save/submit button to record your size.

    Please Note:  Your order isn’t submitted to fulfillment until you record and submit your ring size!

  5. Download and Install the App – Open the App Store on your iPhone, and download the Oura Ring App; or open the Google Play Store on your Android Device and download the Oura Ring for Android App.  Review and go through the app if you like, before your ring arrives.  There’s some cool content there, and I’ll have a more in-depth look at the app itself in a later article.  Give me about a week or two…

The Ring is all about the experience.  You have to use it and you get insights into your health over time.  I just received mine, so I really don’t have anything to report other than it’s comfortable to wear, but I’m used to wearing a ring on my right ring finger.  The real insights and fun come from the data it collects and the insight into your health and overall wellness that the app displays for you, based on that data.  I’m not going to have any real insight into my health (as noted by Oura Ring) or the app or the Ring’s performance and battery life, for at least a week or two, as I said.  

Stick with me, kids…I hope to have some insight and some feedback before the end of January 2022!

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