iTechGear Weekly – Episode 1: Everything Apple

This has been a long time coming.  I’ve been wanting to be part of a regular podcast for a while now, and I was finally able to assemble a group of tech professionals that not only have the technical chops to hold their own, but they’re a good bunch of guys to boot.  The iTechGear Weekly, well, it won’t actually come out every week.  Right now, we’re looking to publish an episode every two weeks.  However, We’re going to do our best to make up for it with some cool content.

Episode 1 – Everything Apple – covers Apple’s California Streamin’ event.  We cover the Apple vs. Epic Games decision, Apple Mail and iCloud Beta. We also touch on Windows 11 Builds, Microsoft saying, “no,” to WoA on Apple’s M1 silicon, among other Windows-based topics.  We finish off with a Pick of the Week segment as well.

Those wishing to play from the website can simply push the play button below to stream the audio file.  Those wishing to download the show pull down not only the MP3 file but the show notes as well.


Download MP3iTechGear Weekly – Everything Apple

Show Notes Episode 1 – ShowTitle TBD

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