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Unboxing the Redux Air Buds

This is the unboxing of the Redux Air Buds.  This is a true wireless set of AI-enhanced earbuds that are supposed to sport up to 10 hours of continuous play and up to 100 hours of standby battery life.  The device has fast USB-C charging.  The device can be completely recharged after only 2 hours of charging.

The device sports Bluetooth 5.0 and has dual beaming microphones.  The buds are compatible with Siri, Hey Google, and Xiao AI, the Xiaomi Digital Assistant.

The Redux’s claim to fame is their Active Noise Cancellation (ANC).  The buds are supposed to phase out loud external noises so you can enjoy your music without having to crank up the volume, putting your hearing at risk. The buds also calibrate their audio driver and sound output to reduce battery drain and selectively filter out noise.

The buds are nice and all, but to be honest, I wasn’t as impressed with them as I was hoping I would be.  The Redux Air Buds retail for $250, and are priced to be competitive with Apple’s Airpods Pro.  Both of these are a bit on the pricey side; though, to be honest, Redux has them on their website as of this writing for half price – $125.00 USD.  This has them competitively priced with Apple’s AirPods 2.  The only issue here is that Redux doesn’t have the brand recognition that Apple does, and while these were merely ok to good in performance for me, they were not as comfortable as I was hoping they would be.

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