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Unboxing – The amber X Personal Cloud Storage Device

I’ve been waiting for this for more that just a little bit…

I’m a huge photography nut. I take photos with my iPhone (now an iPhone 12 Pro Max) and with my Nikon D750.  Having a centralized place to store them and share them with everyone is hugely important, especially when you have hundreds of gigabytes of photos going back over 30 years.  Solutions for backing up, sharing and organizing my photos, your photos, your sibling’s photos, or your best friends, uncle’s dog’s photos, are desperately needed so that everyone has every photo they want or need.

Enter the amber X.  The device backs up the photo library on your smartphone and will also allow you to back up anything and everything you want shared or protected.

My unboxing video of the device is above.  You’ll hear me compare it to a competing product that didn’t quite make it at my house.  That other product dropped off the network on its own. It dropped drives without warning.  Drives would require reinitialization without exhibiting any issues. The internal RAID 1 system never worked right (the dropped drive thing and drive reinitialization thing); and in the end, that product turned out to be unusable; and a complete train wreck.

I’m going to be spending a bit of time with the product over the next few weeks.  Let’s see where it all goes…

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