The iPhone 12 Series is FaceID Only

The iPhone 12/12 Mini and the iPhone 12 Pro/ Pro Max are Apple’s latest entries in to the smartphone market.  The iPhone 12 is the budget device of the line, where the 12 mini, and the 12 Pro and Pro Max are the flagship devices in the line. Obvious… I know; but it bears saying.

I’ve seen a few reviews out there that indicate that the iPhone 12 Pro is perhaps one of the best iPhones ever made, and that its purchase is very compelling. I’ve seen reviews out there that have agreed; but have either actively or passively suggested that users should pass on buying the device because it lacks one specific feature – TouchID.

I’ve also seen a review or two that have strongly urged users not to buy the iPhone 12 or 12 Pro series because they are missing this feature.

To be honest, I disagree; and it’s a fairly simple reason.  Here’s why…

The COVID-19 Pandemic won’t last forever.

Many pundits and smartphone experts think that iPhone users are in need of TouchID due to masking requirements as a result of COVID-19.  In some cases, in order to unlock their FaceID compatible iPhone or to use Apple Pay, users either have to pull down their masks or may be prohibited from doing so due to a number of different reasons, including proximity of other people and local, accepted practices.

In cases like this, users either violate masking practices and norms, or go without using their iPhone or using Apple Pay.  The use of TouchID enabled iPhones resolves this conundrum; and therefore, many are are recommending users wanting or needing a new phone wait until the next iPhone – the iPhone 13 (or some such name) – though there is no guarantee that version iphone will contain TouchID.

And that’s a VERY important point – there’s no guarantee that the next version iPhone WILL contain TouchID, or any other rumored feature.

So why should you buy the new iPhone 12/mini or 12 Pro/Pro Max?  You can pick from any number of the following new device features:

  • Bigger or Smaller Display – there are four (4) different display sizes to choose from. Choose the one that best fits your needs
  • 5G – Faster mobile network speeds mean faster uploads and downloads.
  • Ceramic Shield – the iPhone 12 series has the toughest display glass ever.
  • Updated Camera System – the new system includes the follwing
    • LiDAR Scanner – the 12 Pro series has an integrated LiDAR scanner to assist with night photography.  The results are simply amazing and the new camera system in the Pro series is enough to justify the upgrade on its own.
    • Dolby Vision – the Pro series camera has the ability to record HDR videos with Dolby Vision at 4K resolution with up to 60fps
    • Sensor-Shift Stabilization – its better than OIS and results in clearer shots
    • Apple Pro RAW – the 12 Pro Max camera will support RAW in a future update
  • MagSafe Charging and Accessories – MagSafe is back and is now a charging system for your iPhone

Any one or more of these features – or a combination of them – can be a legitimate reason to upgrade.  The lack of TouchID should not keep you from upgrading if you’re due for an upgrade or simply want the new iPhone.  Upgrade because the iPhone 12/mini 12 Pro/Pro Max is a phone that can resolve needs you have.

Failing to recommend the iPhone 12/mini or 12 Pro/ Pro Max for the LACK of any one specific feature – especially one that may be needed for a finite point in time like the COVID-19 pandemic –  is short sighted.

I’m hoping to review an iPhone 12 Pro device in the immediate future.  Stay tuned to to see what materializes!



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