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Unboxing – Gadget Discovery Club Monthly Subscription Box: Dimension VR Headset


This is the third unboxing of the Gadget Discovery Club.  This month – the Dimension VR Headset.  This one looks a HELL of a lot more interesting than the previous two that I’ve received up to now.  (I am NEVER gonna use that Carbon Fiber Wallet.  What a waste of my time and money!)

To be honest, I haven’t really spent a lot of time with this one. Of all the devices that I have with me right now, this one is, honestly, at the bottom of my review list.  I’ve got a number of other articles and gadgets that I want to look at, as well as finishing up the Ransomware series.

However, this seems well built, even though its entirely made of plastic, vinyl and rubber.  The biggest concern that I have with displays and gadgets like this is the effect it has on your eyes. When you have such a device so close to your eyes for the length of a movie or TV show, it affects your ability to focus on objects outside of that range.  

I will have a bit more on this after I’ve had a chance to get through the other five or so articles I’ve got in the hopper. Until then, we’ll see what GDC has lined up for us next.  

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