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Unboxing the DGRule Invisible Hub

This is the unboxing of the DGRule Invisible Hub for the 16” MacBook Pro. While this isn’t technically for MY MacBook Pro, the size difference is very, VERY small; and it should fit my 15” without any issues (though I wouldn’t recommend this to everyone).

This device is intended to be put on your MBP and then left on it.  It technically should work with many Thunderbolt docks, as leaves two (2) Thunderbolt ports open on the right side of the MBP; and should give you nine (9) additional ports for use while at a desk. I recently published an article on using a MacBook Pro with multiple monitors.  That isn’t always an easy thing to do, depending on the monitor (including Apple’s own Thunderbolt Display – I have two…)

I’ve got concerns with this product, as there seems to be a bit of play in the USB-C connector. That play may lead to a break or crack in the logic board for the product at later date. I will keep everyone posted, as this has me a bit concerned; and I touched on it in the unboxing video.

The device attaches to your MacBook Pro via two Thunderbolt 3 ports on the laptop’s left side.  There’s a spring loaded arm on the right side that secures the  device to your MacBook Pro via its native audio Port with nothing more than a plastic nub, on the right side.  I’m going to also say that this is a potential point of failure and a bit of a concern as there’s nothing there that actually connects into the audio port. It just uses the MacBook Pro’s 3.5mm audio jack as a point of tension.  I can see that small plastic nub breaking or cracking at some point (plastic can become brittle with age…); and when that happens, the dock will no longer stay attached to your MacBook Pro. It will put undo torque and tension on your Mac’s left side Thunderbolt 3 ports. I would discontinue use of the dock if that plastic nub ever breaks or cracks.  You don’t want to damage your Mac’s Thunderbolt 3 ports, or get plastic stuck in the audio port.

I will try to have more on this later; but I am going to give this a try and see if and how well it fits.  The DGRule Invisible Hub is currently on sale for $129 USD and can be found here.

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