OneDrive Losing Ability to Fetch Files

Microsoft recently announced that they will be retiring one of OneDrive’s original features – the ability to fetch files on any computer that you have OneDrive installed on.  The feature will stop working on 2020-07-31; and was announced through a support page.

The feature is buried in OneDrive’s settings.  Though disabled by default, if you enabled, “Let me use OneDrive to fetch on of my files on this PC,” OneDrive would let you remote into that PC and browse the entire drive, if needed.  You had remote access to all of your files; and everything stored on any of your computers.

While its known that the feature will stop working on 2020-07-31, you can still use it up until then.  The support page doesn’t provide any explanation as to why the feature is being discontinued, though its likely related to some level of security concern.

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