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Unboxing – Vantrue N4 3-Way Dash Cam Video Surveillance System

Vantrue N4 Dash Cam

Vantrue has released a new dash cam in the Vantrue N4.  The N4 is a complete video surveillance system for your vehicle, with a 155° front facing camera, a 165° interior camera and 160° rear or backup camera.  It has a Sony STARVIS CMOS sensor with an infrared night vision system allowing all cameras to capture video in dark conditions.

The system has a 24 hour Parking mode that will allow the system to capture video while the car is parked, over a 24 hour period, provided that the system has continuous power.  It has motion detection capabilities that auto record when people or objects cross the field of view of the front camera.  If the system detects an impact while the camera is off, it will turn the entire system on to record as much of the impact and its aftermath as possible.  However, this enhanced functionality requires an additional external battery kit, sold separately.

The Vantrue N4 has a heat resistant super capacitor that will allow it to work in temperatures between 14°F to 158°F, ideal for hot weather areas like Arizona, Florida, Texas, or extremely cold areas like northern Michigan, Minnesota and Canada.

The system supports up to 256GB microSD card, providing you with enough storage space to handle that 24 hour Parking Mode, noted above. The system also supports an optional GPS add-on that will track your route, location and speed to help you when you get into some kind of accident requiring this information.

The Vantrue N4 3-@ay Dash Cam Video Surveillance System is available via Amazon, and is priced at $259.99.  As of this posting, there’s also a $15 coupon that’s available, bringing the system down to $245.99 USD.

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