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How to Restore Edge Favorites After Resetting Windows 10

I remember back in the day of Windows 95 to Windows 7, rebuilding your PC was a multi-day affair. With the implementation of Windows 10, most of this process has become a lot easier. Windows now includes a restore and refresh function that allows you to quickly and easily wipe and restore your PC when things aren’t functioning correctly. The one problem they didn’t fix, however, is in restoring all of your data – and specifically, browser favorites. Those never get backed up, and restoring them after a PC refresh isn’t as easy as it should be.

Microsoft Edge is a system component, and its resources include browsing favorites. That data isn’t kept in a location that’s kept safe with your data. That information is erased with all other system components on your hard drive.

That doesn’t mean they’re lost, though. If you’re missing your Favorites from Microsoft Edge, and you want them back, you can use the following procedure to restore them.


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