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How to Thoroughly Dry Out Your Wet Electronics

It’s summer. You’re out and about with your friends, enjoying the pool, the beach, or just a garden in the back yard, and someone decides it would be a great idea to push you into the pool or soak you to the skin with the garden hose. It’s all fun and games until someone soaks a phone, then you just get ticked off.

If the above has happened to you – or worse yet, if your electronic device of choice has taken a brief dunk in the nearby restroom – this article will show the proper procedure for quickly and thoroughly drying out your soggy electronics.

Note: The following instructions are a “your mileage may vary” operation.  Depending on how long your device was submerged or how saturated your device may be, this procedure may or may not work for you. However, using this procedure will likely be your best bet to get your device back into the land of the living and (hopefully) fully functional.

In order to dry out your wet device, be it a phone, tablet, radio, MP3 player, computer, etc., follow the steps listed below.


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