FEATURE REVIEW – Microsoft Windows 10: Part 2

Windows returns to its roots with the last version of Windows…ever.

Please Note:  This review is long – nearly 6000 words in total, over two parts. While long, its very informative.  If you’re not sure what’s in Windows 10, or if its right for you or your PC, this will be worth the read.


In this last installment of a two part review of Windows 10, I’m going to look at Universal Apps, Office Mobile, Windows 10’s Performance on the hardware I use – including budget and legacy hardware (i.e. the hardware that Microsoft wants you to upgrade to Windows 10); and then I’ll wrap it all up.

I’ll also try to help you figure out if Windows 10 is right for you and if you should upgrade your computer or leave it where it is. That’s a big decision to make, as its going to really kinda show you if and when you should bite the bullet and purchase a new PC.

So with all that, let’s get back into it!

Windows Live is Dead, Long Live, uh… Windows Built in Apps

The Windows Live series of apps and branding was one of the things that really helped make Windows 7 a success.  While these all changed to ModernUI apps in Windows 8 (and the transition killed what was and could have continued to be a really nice suite of apps), Microsoft has worked hard save some or all of them.  Windows Live is dead.

Long live Windows Apps…!  Uh… yeah.

Windows 10 has some really nice replacement apps that it rescued from ModernUI. While some of them, like Food and Travel will both die as Microsoft discontinues them, others like Video, Music, Photos and Mail and Calendar have been revised and reintroduced in Windows 10.

27 - Windows Apps

Mail and Calendar are two of the apps that help make up the touch version of Microsoft Office (see below) and are really nice Universal and touch implementations of these two (now) system level apps.  All of these apps are available as part of the default Windows 10 installation and are available for use out of the box.  (Whereas with Windows Live apps, you had to go and download a different installer to get them.)

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