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Mostly Microsoft #001

Starting something new is always a challenge.Pulling together a new website, like BYTE, has had its ups and downs; but as you can see, things have been going pretty well.

This week, I started a new podcast with two members of TeamBYTE – Todd Ogasawara and Larry Press.  The Mostly Windows Podcast is going to cover, well, mostly Windows and Microsoft related news, events, happenings, etc. However, when something cool and interesting comes along, you can bet we’ll jump on it.

Show notes, an embedded player and a download link for the show can be found below. You can also find it in iTunes by searching for the MobileViews.com Podcast series.

Mostly Microsoft Podcast #001

  1. HP Slate with Windows 7. $699
    Q: Is this priced too high for mass consumer market? Is it purely a vertical product? Don’t road warriors need a physical keyboard?
  2. Nokia Lumia 800 review
    Q: Will it save both Microsoft and Nokia?
  3. Bing app for Android & iPhone updated
    Q: But, will we ever see Microsoft Office mobile for Android & iOS?

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