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Netflix Raises Prices, Announces Streaming Only Plan

The video rental industry is feeling the economic pinch, and key player Netflix is in the thick of it.  Today, I received the notice that was already floating around the internet – Your plan rate is going up.  Here is a screen shot of the note that I got from them, outlining the changes:




While a buck a month isn’t going to break the bank, it’s a buck that I wasn’t planning on spending. While this also won’t cause me to cancel my account, I’m not happy with the extra out-go being taken from my income.  Apparently, the cost of managing their DVD inventory is getting to be a bit on the costly side.

The company also introduced a new streaming only plan that allows anyone with an internet connection to instantly watch movies and TV shows at a very affordable $7.99 a month.  If you’ve got a decent pipe coming into your house, and don’t mind not being able to put your hand on a DVD, this may be a huge winner for you.

Additional adjustments to their pricing plans can be seen below.


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