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Motorola Releases Android 2.1 (Éclair) Moto CLIQ Upgrade

Many Motorola CLIQ users have been waiting nearly an ENTIRE YEAR for this upgrade.  I reviewed the CLIQ in November and December of last year. Getting here has been a long, annoying and frustrating.  The upgrade had more on-again/off-again action than Cher and Gregg Allman back in the day (and now I’ve REALLY dated myself…). 

However, the update has finally arrived.  You can get the update here; but there are a few hoops you have to jump through in order to get the update on your device.  Motorola makes you go through a 5 step process before you can actually get the software for your device.  While I am not going to recreate the process here, I will give you a few important tips in order to make the update work.

  1. Most Moto CLIQ’s that I’ve seen have BLUR version 1.48 on them.  In order to install the latest version of Android for the CLIQ, your device must have BLUR version 1.61. Trying to flash the 2.15 version of BLUR over the 1.48 version will do nothing more than bring you to an error screen (device next to a triangle with an exclamation point in it), after the update package seems to execute without error.
  2. BLUR version 1.61 is a Cupcake update that many seem to have missed.  If you don’t have BLUR 1.61, then you’ll need to do a Software Update check BEFORE you install Éclair (or BLUR 2.15) on your CLIQ.
  3. Motorola makes you jump through a number of hoops (over and above getting and applying the 1.61 BLUR update) in order to flash your CLIQ.  There are 5 pages worth of instructions and "are you really sure you wanna do this" items that you have to read, click some sort of check box for and download links to wade through before you get to the software.

    I always get nervous when vendors do that because it usually tells me that they either didn’t want to release the item I’ve been waiting for, or that its problematic (or both).  Be careful when flashing.  They do indicate that you could brick your device…more than once.

I’ve downloaded and installed the update, though I did fall into the 1.48 vs. 1.61 version issue.  After I flashed the 1.61 update (and then letting BLUR get me back to where it wanted to get me), flashing the 2.15 version of BLUR was really very easy.

I’m in the process of evaluating the update and will have a write-up on it as a follow-up to my review in a week or so.

2 Comments on Motorola Releases Android 2.1 (Éclair) Moto CLIQ Upgrade

  1. I’m having issues with my Motorola Cliq it freezes, overheats, drops calls, and dies really quick after I upgraded to Eclair. Are there fixes for these issues?

    • I would try reflashing. If it freezes, there’s likely a good possibility that things didn’t flash right. I’ve flashed 2, and have not had this happen to either of them. If you still have this problem after you reflash, take the device in to T-Mo and let them look at it.

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