PCMag Reviews the Motorola CLIQ

I’m in the market for a new phone, and possibly a new carrier (after nearly 5 years with AT&T); and the Moto CLIQ may be the device for me and the family.  PC Magazine recently reviewed the device and gave it 4 out of 5 stars, AND their coveted Editor’s Choice Award.



The Motorola CLIQ is the company’s first Android-powered Smartphone. It’s also a stellar device for the socially inclined. It aggregates updates from social networking sites, photo sharing sites, and Web-based e-mail. It could easily serve as the center of your connected universe. For a change, that’s not hyperbole. Despite a few stumbles, the innovative and effective CLIQ easily wins our Editors’ Choice award for T-Mobile smartphones.

As always, PCMag has a very thorough review, and some cool pics to go with it.  If you’re considering picking up the device, or want to know if Moto is really gonna say "hello" with this device, you need to check out the review.  Like me, you may be pleasantly surprised. However, I did notice one downfall. Motorola is going to have to release their own updates for the device, not T-Mo,

But while Motorola insists the highly-customized CLIQ is compatible with all third-party programs, the CLIQ can’t handle Google’s standard OS updates. The CLIQ comes with Android 1.5, and can’t be updated to Android 1.6 ("Donut") at the time of this review. CLIQ owners who want the integrated camcorder app and improved Android Market must wait for Motorola to issue its own package.

JAMM is on the waiting list to get a CLIQ for review, and as soon as it arrives, you can expect an unboxing/unboxing video as well as a thorough review.  Stay tuned, kids… things are going to get turned up a notch, as Motorola may just have gotten back into the Smartphone arena!

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