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Samsung Epix Unresponsive Power Button

About 2 months ago, I reviewed the Samsung Epix for Gear Diary.  At the time, I really liked the device. I still do, but the romance is starting to wane a bit.  Here’s why…

I am having a really weird experience with the device.  Every so often, the sound will completely cut out, regardless of what the volume level is set at, be they loud, medium, soft, vibrate or completely off.  When this happens, I’ve also noticed that the device won’t turn on when the power button is pressed.  It stops to think about turning on, and then maybe, just maybe the LCD will turn on and I will be able to use the device. 

Everything, well…almost everything works.  When the sound is out, the sound is OUT. I can’t hear anything. Period.  The microphone still works, so people can hear me on a phone call, but I can’t hear them, and the only way that I’ve been able to correct this problem (because the darn thing doesn’t have a soft reset hole/button, is to remove the battery.  Not fun, and not nice.

Is anyone else having this problem?  Does your Epix become unresponsive?  Does the sound cut out entirely?  If so, I’d really love to hear from you.  I’m wondering if mine isn’t defective, or if there’s a larger problem…

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