Zune 120 Review at JAMM

One of the best things about writing for Gear Diary is the company that you keep.  Judie aside, she has assembled one of the BEST teams of writers this side of the blogosphere that I’ve had the pleasure of being associated with.

That said, I get very excited when we cross post between our respective sites and blogs for the articles we write.  Case in point, Doug Goldring, Chief Editing Dude at Just Another Mobile Monday, or JAMM for short has posted a pretty cool review on the new Zune 120.  Says Brother Goldring:

On paper, this one is the real deal for a portable media player.  its specs just sing out to you.  A nice 3.2 inch screen.  Fancy new touch controls.  120 GB (yes, that is GB) hard drive to store all of your videos, photos, music, and other media.  Wireless connectivity.  FM radio…The list of features just goes on and on.

That’s pretty high praise for a device, that a few years ago wasn’t quite ready for prime time.  Doug goes on to say:

But if we only relied on what we saw on paper, then the Redskins would be winning Super Bowls,

That’s right, Doug… on paper.  In reality, the Steelers have it locked down this year as the only top ceded team to win a Divisional Championship at home! (Go Steelers!!)

Seriously, Doug does a great job comparing the Zune and its software to the iPod, iPhone and iTunes. You really need to check the article out, as it’s got a nice set of comparative photos in it.

You can read the whole schmere here.

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