Fix for Samsung Epix Notification Errors

I’ve been using the Samsung Epix for a while now, actually ever since I sold my iPhone 3G just a short while ago.  The Epix is an awesome device. Look for a review of it in the days to come.

One of the biggest problems I’ve had with the device since getting it, has been the lack of event notifications (new e-Mail, alarms, etc.) when the device is in standby. I posted a follow up note to this in the Samsung forum at AT&T on 02-Dec-08, adding my 2 cents to the discussion. I got a notification the other day that a moderator responded,

Regarding the email alert inquiries, we’ve been informed that Samsung has recently released a patch. Users are being asked to visit and enter "EPIX" after selecting "search by model number." Please follow the instructions carefully. Thank you.

If you have an Epix, you are encouraged to download the fix, install it and soft reset your device. 

Please note this is NOT a ROM update. If you hard reset your device, you will need to reapply this update.


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