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Custom In-Car Mounting System from ProClip Reviewed

Mike Temporale over at Mobile Jaw has a good review of custom in-car mounting systems for your mobile devices and your vehicle.  Mike starts out the review by saying –

I don’t think I need to sit here and tell any of you that driving and using your electronic devices is a bad idea. Your attention should be focused on the road and the other cars around you on the road. Trying to dig your phone out of your pocket, or trying to hold it and the steering wheel at the same time, is just asking for problems.



I’m a huge fan of mounting systems and think they are a NECESSARY part of any setup you might have, want or need for your device and your car.  Sticking devices in cup holders, the empty seat or in your lap while they are plugged in to a car charger just doesn’t do it.  Unsecure devices lead to accidents… Give Mike’s article a read.  I think you’ll find it very valuable…

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