Home Screen Shoot Out

Fellow Gear Diary Team Member Doug Goldring has written a pretty cool article on alternative Windows Mobile interfaces, exclusively at My Today Screen. The article looks at two of the bigger contenders, Spb Mobile Shell and Vito Technologies Winterface.

Sayeth Brother Goldring – 

Ever since the advent of the iPhone, it seems that there has been a race among developers to, “fix” the traditional Windows Mobile interface.  Users who were once happy with the traditional menu and today screen driven Windows Mobile, suddenly are demanding something far different.  Something that is finger friendly and icon driven.  Something that uses the new rules given to us by the iPhone, without necessarily copying the iPhone interface, or sacrificing any features.  No small task, but two of the biggest Windows Mobile developers around stepped right up to the plate and prepared to face this challenge head on.  Spb has given us Mobile Shell 2, while Vito Technologies released Winterface.   Since this has become such an indispensable component of most users’ Windows Mobile experience, I thought it would be fun to take a look at them head-to-head and see how they fare.

If you’ve ever thought about looking at alternative WM user interfaces, you really need to give this a read.  Not only might you find something you really like, but you’ll definitely see where I feel the future of WM is headed…beyond the Start Menu.


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