Take the No Reboot Challenge

My good friend Mike Temporale of Mobile Jaw has thrown down the gauntlet. He says, Windows Mobile is a stable OS.  And he’s so adamant about that, that he’s challenged the entire WM community!  Take the No Reboot Challenge!

Mike’s point is that the OS is stable, and like the iPhone 3G, its all of the third party apps that users install that make the device flaky and unstable.  In order to prove his point, Mike has hard reset his BlackJack II, set it up to sync his PIM data, and installed four, yes just four applications on it and has vowed to NOT soft reset or kill any of the programs with the task manager for any reason, unless the device locks up completely, necessitating a reboot.

Mike asked me to take the challenge with him, and I’ve agreed. I’ve hard reset my AT&T Tilt, synchronized it with my Exchange Server, installed AT&T Navigator and Pocket TV Listings, and that’s it!  I’m not putting anything else on the device. Over the next few weeks, the device is going to do what its gong to do, and I’m not going to reset it unless it completely locks up.

Like Mikey T., I will be making updates to this (or similar) post and will keep everyone updated on how the device is performing. 

I challenge YOU Gear Diary Readers!  Come help me help Mike prove that WM by itself is stable!  Take the No Reboot Challenge!

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