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Microsoft Vista SP1 Update Rereleased

Microsoft has stopped the SP1 Prereq Merry-Go-Round…

Vista SP1 has been available for a little bit, but hasn’t hit many computers in the wild due to a problem with one of the prereq KB installs.  Two months ago, when the prereq was released, it sent some computers into an endless series of reboots.  Many users stuck in that loop were without any recourse as they watched the scenery blur as they went in circles on that merry-go-round from hell.

With the latest Patch Tuesday release, Microsoft says it has resolved that problem and the prereq is safe to download and install.  Microsoft will also issue a fix to prevent the PC from getting stuck in that loop.  The two updates should install via Windows Update, in the proper order (very important) without a problem.  Those Vista users who have Automatic Updates set to install things automatically shouldn’t have to do anything, according to the Microsoft Update Team blog.

The problem arose due to a few unknown and rare events. One of the prereqs, the Service Stack Update (or SSU), contains code that checks whether there are pending reboots or other pending updates.  If it saw either of these conditions, it automatically bounced the box, thinking that a reboot was needed to complete the installation, thus creating the reboot loop.

Users without SP1 should see it hit Windows Update soon after these prereqs install.  However, I haven’t seen it hit my MacBook Pro just yet. I’d love to hear how things went for everyone else, though.

If you’re running Vista, have you pulled down the updated prereqs and have you installed Vista SP1 yet?  How did it go?  Have you noticed any kind of improvement over Vista RTM?

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