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You Can’t Beat that with a Stick…Or Can You??

Leopard trounces Vista in a Corporate Satisfaction Survey

I saw this on ComputerWorld and just had to comment on this.  I don’t know many businesses that have either OS implemented as their enterprise OS, but its very interesting none the less.

Apparently, enterprise Leopard users are five times more likely to say they were satisfied with the OS on their computer than Vista users. A survey conducted in February of this year indicated that 53% of Leopard users were satisfied with their OS, compared with 40% of XP users and 8% of Vista users.

What I find even more interesting is that 7% of those surveyed who were planning on purchasing laptops in the next 90 days said they were planning on buying a Mac.  This number is flat, compared to a similar survey done in November of 2007.  However, its still very interesting and further information speaks to a growing trend.

Fewer companies are planning on purchasing notebooks from more traditional channels.  Purchasing plans for Dell and Toshiba purchases are down a point and for HP and Lenovo are down two points, from the same November survey.

Regardless of all of this, Apple still remains a minor player in the corporate, enterprise market.  More than half of the companies surveyed, 53%, were planning on purchasing computers with Windows XP, 20% with Vista and just 8% with OSX.

While this in NO way speaks to overall market share, again, it does speak to an interesting trend – Its not just a Microsoft world anymore.  Unfortunately, Vista is so VASTLY different than XP and what most of Corporate America is used to, most companies seem unwilling to spend the 3-4 weeks per user, in a Vista learning curve.  Most of the Vista users I bump into and speak with, say that it takes them that long to get past the UI differences and confusion that many are reporting.  It did take me about as long to become comfortable with everything…and I’m still not 100% there.  I’ve been using Vista for well over a year.  I still use XP at work and feel more at home (and with OSX, believe it or not) than with Vista.

While I’m not quite a switcher, I am very interested in apps like VMWare’s Fusion and the newer version of Parallels Desktop. While I spend 95% or more of my time in Windows, the popping back and forth is becoming a bit tiring when I want to update my iPod…

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