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E-TEN X800 Blog 3: Battery Life

In one of my recent blogs on the X800, I mentioned that I thought the unit E-TEN sent me was defective. It was.  They sent me a replacement unit, and I have some interesting news regarding its battery life.

What a difference a new device makes!!



Interesting thing was, I noticed the improvement right away.  With the older unit, the device might last about 3.5 – 4.0 hours…if I was lucky. The new device can go (and has) nearly 48 hours without a charge.  The interesting thing is that I live in a 3G coverage area. 3G is harder on the battery than just plain EDGE.  Oh, and by the way, to answer the lurking question – No, I haven’t seen the device struggle to hold a 3G signal. It nearly always has 3G, and I have never seen it drop down to EDGE.

To be honest, though, I rarely use WiFi. With an all you can eat data plan, I rarely have the need.  However, I suspect that with moderate radio use (WiFi, voice calls and data usage), you should be able to go most of the day before really needing a charge or battery change.

I am really impressed with the battery life in this device. Its not bad…not bad at all

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