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What’s the Haps..?

There have been some interesting developments the past couple of weeks.


MS & Yahoo
This is probably one of the more interesting developments I’ve seen in a while. MS makes a play for Yahoo!, and Yahoo! says no.  While I understand that there may be some initial resistance to all of this, AND Yahoo! as an organization would likely get swallowed in one form or another by MSN, I have to ask if this is truly a bad thing or not…especially if Yahoo!’s Board is [somewhat] split on the decision to reject Microsoft’s offer of $44.6B, saying that the bit undervalues the company.

I saw another article today that said Bill Gates wasn’t interested in upping MS’ bid for Yahoo!  This seems to indicate that some sort of proxy fight is in the mix, as MS takes it to the shareholders. This clearly isn’t over yet, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens…


Vista SP1 Held Back due to Driver Bugs
It just seems that the problems with Vista SP1 won’t end. Microsoft released Vista SP1 to manufacturing; but is holding it off of Windows Update. Currently, I thought I saw a March 2008 release date announced for the update.

Originally, I thought I had heard that there were some serious driver related problems with the software, and that was why MS hadn’t made it available to the general public. Apparently, Microsoft isn’t opting to fix their code in this regard. They are going to make the driver manufacturers go back and correct the "problems" with their drivers, indicating that these drivers must work with Windows and not the other way around.

While I agree with this, I also have to ask two questions: what was easier to do, and what is the right thing to do?  If either of those things involved MS making changes, then they should have done that.  However, time will tell…

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