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E-TEN X800 Blog 2: Wi-Fi = No-Fi

One of the biggest draws to all of E-TEN’s devices is their radio offerings.  Since the very beginning of my association with them, they’ve had just about ever method of connectivity known to man jammed in their device offerings:

  • Quad-Band GSM
  • EDGE (now 3G) Wireless
  • 802.11b/g Wireless Networking
  • GPS

That’s one HECK of a lot of connectivity for one device.  E-TEN also tends to make their devices relatively affordable, considering everything that their devices do.  However, not so much on my particular X800…

Shortly after I posted the unboxing of the X800, I started getting an error message from the Wi-Fi radio. The error is very cryptic and the Wi-Fi radio will NOT turn on:

hwifi_off_result = ?


I have NO idea what this means other than it is broken and it will not go. Up to this point, I haven’t heard anything back from E-TEN about this problem. I first tried contacting them about it, about a week or so ago. If anyone out there with an X800 has seen this, heard of this, or is experiencing this, I’d appreciate a heads-up on where you are with the problem right now.  I am still trying to research it and haven’t found a resolution as yet.

I will keep everyone posted…

2 Comments on E-TEN X800 Blog 2: Wi-Fi = No-Fi

  1. At last I succeeded to solve the problem of the error "hwifi_off_result=?" on my x800. I can use my WIFI again as always, after weeks of trying and looking for a solution.It is rather unconventional but it works, nobody found a solution untill yet, but I think I have….. Here we go:Remove your battery and SIM card and put (only) the X800 (in a plastic bag to prevent for damage by moisture when taking out) for about 6 hours in the FREEZER (-35 degrees Celcius)Than, take it out and put the battery and SIM card again on its place. Reboot it and voilá PROBLEM SOLVED !During the night, couldn’t sleep, I thought, perhaps the trick is to discharge all the (micro) capacitors in the machine at this way and totally clean all "remaining-memory".I hope (think) it will work on your PDA’s as well, please let me know!Best regards, Willem (The Netherlands, so forgive me my bad english)

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