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Vaja UMPC Cases Released

They’re cool. They’re clean.  They are ready to protect your UMPC from dings and dents; and they are 100% Vaja and completely awesome.

If you have a UMPC, and want a case to carry it with (in style), then you might want to check out the new UMPC cases that Vaja announced today. In standard Vaja style, you can customize your case via VajaChoice. There are color options for both the outside of the case as well as the stripe and interior. The case is $140USD; but man, does it look awesome or what?? 

The screen shot below, shows you the one option that is currently available. You need to make sure that your device will fit the case. The case measures 9.05", by 5.7" by 1.10" (WxHxD).



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