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Trouble with the HTC Home Page Plug-in

I usually don’t post things like this as a blog entry or on the front page of any site, but I’ve been having a couple of problems and I really would appreciate some help. I recently switched back to the Treo 750 from the Blackjack I on a lark. It has been a while since I used a PPC (as opposed to a Smartphone), and I thought…eh, what the heck.


Anyway, I also installed the new HTC Home Page plug-in and it really looks nice on my Treo. I installed the 6-tab version (I couldn’t find the 5-tab version) on it, and am having a couple of problems with the device that I haven’t had before using the plug-in.

HTC Home Page

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  1. Ring tones (or even vibrate as a ring tone) don’t work with the plug-in installed.  Most calls come in completely silent, and I usually miss them.
  2. The device vibrates out of nowhere on its own every 10 minutes or so (my pop3 mail check interval), even if no new mail is downloaded.
  3. Calls I place don’t use the standard WM5/6 call screens. There is usually no visual evidence that I am placing a call.

If anyone has any ideas on how to resolve these issues, knows of a forum posting on these (or any other issues with the plug-in), or knows of a version that was released after beginning to mid October 2007, please comment back or shoot me a note.

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