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PDAdb.net | The Best PDA Database Ever

PDAdb.net The World’s largest, most comprehensive and most accurate online PDA Database. New or old, large or small, smart or simple, stylish or practical. PDA specs, PDA Phone specs, PNA specs, Smartphone specs and other handheld/pocket-sized mobile devices. Anything what you search for you can find here.


Recently, pocketnow.com undertook the construction of a new utility site to help users find the right device for them.  The result, PDAdb.net, is one of the most comprehensive device databases available on the Internet. If you’re in the market for a device, or if you’re just curious to know what device has what specs, this is the best place to find the information. Brandon Miniman has been working very hard to help motivate the staff at pocketnow to gather information. I know I have helped pull some specs together for devices in the early part of this year; but the credit and the life of the site are strictly (and all) Brandon.



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