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ETEN Glofiish X800 Now Shipping – E-TEN’s most advanced PPC phone to date

Earlier this year I took a look at the ETEN Glofiish M700 over a pocketnow.com. The device was, as always, an improvement for ETEN over their previous devices, but didn’t really send me. They released a Windows Mobile 6 Professional upgrade for it, and it did make things a bit better on the OS side, but the device itself didn’t change.

I got a couple of press releases from ETEN a few days ago and am excited to say that they have released their X800 device.  The X800 is an update to their X500 series device.  The big calling here is the support for 3G/HSDPA and its VGA screen.  With ETEN’s continued incremental improvements to their devices AND the inclusion of 3G wireless speeds AND a VGA screen, this should be a formidable device.

I am currently trying to secure a sample for review here on the site. Wish us luck!!




"E-TEN Information Systems is proud to announce that the award-winning Glofiish X800 Pocket PC Phone has begun shipping worldwide. Highlights of the X800 include 3.5G high-speed connectivity, a pixel-sharp high-resolution VGA display and a new powerful mobile shell that make this the most advanced Glofiish device to date.

E-TEN’s next-generation Glofiish X800 Pocket PC Phone has begun shipping to channel partners around the globe. The X800 is E-TEN’s first handset to support 3.5G HSDPA connectivity for high-speed downloads delivering new and improved online services including faster more enjoyable surfing and email, streaming audio and video downloads, VoIP and instant messaging, and video calling.

The X800 was first previewed earlier in the year at CeBIT where it drew considerable interest from show-goers and the media. The handset was next seen at Computex where it was again warmly received and earned a Best of Computex Award. Since that time E-TEN has continued to refine the X800 package and the device now includes E-TEN’s new mobile shell, an easy-to-customize interface that lets users display all of their most important information on a single screen.
The new mobile shell enables features including, photo speed dial, weather forecasts and world time to be displayed and accessed from the Windows Mobile
clip_image001Today Screen offering powerful new opportunities for users to streamline their mobile experience.

Measuring just 113.5 x 60 x 15.8mm the Glofiish X800 includes a high-resolution 2.8-inch VGA (640×480) display and GPS connectivity.
The Glofiish X800 is based on the Window Mobile
clip_image001[1]6 platform and is available in several languages. Pricing and availability is subject to regional variation but the X800 can be expected to available in key markets within a few weeks."

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