ATT Q9 Global Slideshow

My buddy Chris Leckness over at MobilitySite has a really cool slideshow of a number of comparison pics of the new AT&T Q9 Global, some of its accessories and a number of other devices.  Its well worth the 3-5 minutes to view, especially if you’re interested in the device.

Honestly, I just purchased my Blackjack earlier this year, and while I am very happy with it, the new Q9 is really calling to me. If I hadn’t just had a baby, AND if it wasn’t near Christmas, AND if I weren’t already on a budget, I’d seriously think about trying to pick one up.  The device looks super hot, and isn’t much bigger than some of the other devices its compared with.

I never thought I would be this interested in a WM Standard device, but I definitely want one of these!



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