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Dockware Pro for Smartphones

I’ve been a HUGE fan of Ilium Software for almost 10 years now.  Their application, Keep Track, helped me get a handle on my checking account, and I used it for YEARS. Its an awesome application.

One of my most favorite applications is Dockware Pro.  With it, you get a screen saver for your device. I have this on most, if not all, of my Pocket PC’s (now WM Professional devices).  What I don’t have it on is my Blackjack (or WM Standard devices).

I went poking around their site and found that they make a version of Dockware Free and Dockware Pro for Smartphones.  This is truly awesome, as I can now have all of my family pics cycle while the device is charging.

Dockware Pro for Pocket PC and Smartphones is $9.95 and available from Ilium Software, here.





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